Founded by natural beekeeper, K.Ruby Blume, BeeRepair promotes the health and well being of both honey bees and native bees through education, consultation and hands-on services.  Here at Bee Repair we trust in the wisdom of bees. We believe that bees are highly evolved resilient species, uniquely equipped for the work they do and that as human stewards our job is mostly to get out of their way. We consider it a great honor to be able to learn from these magnificent  creatures and to intervene minimally to support them where we can.  Bee Repair promotes understanding of the bees elegant life cycles and systems through education.  Putting the heath and well-being of the bee at the top of our list of priorities, we promote natural beekeeping using alternative hive systems that allow the bees to build naturally and avoid the use of antibiotics, miticides and sugar water. Hive products such as honey and wax are secondary and managed wisely with the health of the bees in mind.  In addition to our work with honeybees, we also seek to educate the public about native bees, their fragile existance and ways to support their continued survival in both urban and rural settings.


K.Ruby Blume


K.Ruby Blume is a beekeeper, educator, gardener and artist working 100% treatment free in alternative hive systems since 1997. She started with the Top Bar System and has experience with Warre and Langstroth hive bodies as well.  As a life-long learner and intentional generalist, Ms Blume has tried her hand at diverse skills, from stilt walking to sheep sheering and sewing machine repair. She has taught herself cooking, canning and fermentation techniques, as well as how to set tile, install a sink, do electrical wiring and repair a motorcycle. Ruby holds certificates in permaculture design, massage and coaching and has studied botany, pollination ecology, and herbal medicine. In 2008 Ms Blume founded The Institute of Urban Homesteading to teach adults urban agriculture and heirloom kitchen skills.  She co-authored the book Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living with Rachel Kaplan, authored the book Everyday Cheesemaking and has been featured in a wide range of periodicals including  Urban Farm Magazine, Mother Earth News and Bee Culture Magazine.



Private consultations, lessons and emergency house calls for new beekeepers and those wishing to move towards more natural beekeeping systems


Classes, Presentations and Natural Beekeeping Mentorships


Set up and maintenance of beehive(s) at your location.